Of course pets love playing with their loving owners, but also many pets enjoy playing with each other too!

Twitter user かもしか(@b09a2032c) lives in Osaka with his Siberian husky named Yuki, who also happens to be the main focus of his Twitter posts.

Here’s a recent post of Yuki being a sulky Santa.

OK, maybe that’s not a fair representation of Yuki, who usually looks much happier.

For instance, here’s Yuki in a much better mood, getting ready to eat some Christmas cake!

And who wouldn’t be happy in that case? It’s the start to a perfect day!

OK, but I’m getting carried away by how adorable this Osaka native is, so anyways… where were we? Ah, yes!

Yuki isn’t the only furry friend at home! Yuki and his owner also share their flat with two felines.

San is a 2-month-old brown tabby cat and Ren is a 7-month-old orange tabby.

They also occasionally feature on their owner’s Yuki-centric Twitter, and the trio makes an adorable team!

Here’s a recent post that shows the three furballs all in bed together.

Reproduced with permission from かもしか (@ b09a2032c )

Their owner says Yuki was having a mid-morning nap when the cats decided it was time to play.

This Tweet is super popular on Twitter, gathering 192K Likes so far.

Pet owners in Japan replied with images of morning greetings from their own pets.

Others commented on how kind Yuki is to let the cats play all over him and what a heart-warming sight the trio is.

One user commented, "I’m detecting some guilty looks in this pic." And true enough, San and Ren are like little siblings bothering their older brother!

It’s alright though, Yuki is perfectly used to the cats playing on top of him like this.

They really are a happiness dumpling!

OK, maybe 幸せ団子 could be translated better, but you get the picture!

For more pictures and videos of Yuki and his cat friends, click any of the links above to check out their Twitter page.

And as always, thanks for reading!

By - Mujo.