The Japanese coffee shop chain, Komeda (コメダ珈琲店 komeda kōhī-ten) started a new collaboration campaign with the popular series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (鬼滅の刃 kimetsu no yaiba; lit. "blade of demon annihilation") this December.

The campaign, Relax with Komeda (コメダでド派手にくつろげ komeda de dohade ni kutsuroge; lit. "relax in a flashy manner with Komeda"), started at the beginning of December, and it will last until the end of February next year.

During this period, fans can relax while having limited-edition dishes and beverages and get various original collaboration goods with the characters.

There is also a stamp campaign, and you can win original goods after ordering something from the collaboration menu.

There will be a Kimetsu no Yaiba Jeriko menu and a Kimetsu no Yaiba bean confectionery package available at the stores.

The Jeriko menu features four coffee jelly- drinks inspired by our main protagonists: Tanjirō Kamado (竈門 炭治郎)- matcha milk flavor, Nezuko Kamado (竈門 禰豆子)- strawberry milk flavor, Zenitsu Agatsuma (我妻善逸)- orange milk flavor, and Inosuke Hashibira (嘴平伊之助)- café mocha flavor.

Prices vary from 780 yen to 910 yen (tax included).

※Please note that the Jeriko menu will be available until the 31st of January next year.

Furthermore, if you order one drink during the campaign, you will receive an original coaster. 

※There are five types of designs. The coaster design is random, and the original items are limited to the first 300.000 people.

During the campaign, those who have collected the stamps on the Komeda Official Application can win a Kimetsu no Yaiba sofa set, a wall clock, or a key chain if they participate in the lottery. 

※The lottery will be limited to 1,000 lucky winners.

You can collect the stamps by ordering the collaboration drink and participate with every five stickers collected. The lottery will get divided into two editions and three prizes: A (sofa set), B (wall clock), C (key chain).

The first edition features Tanjirō and Inosuke, while the 2nd edition features Tanjirō s sister, Nezuko and Zenitsu.

Beans confectionery box

Whoever orders the beans confectionery box during the campaign gets a file and a specially designed package. The package contains ten pieces and costs 420 yen (tax included).

Check the Komeda Store Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Official Collaboration Page for more information.

By - cinnamonellie.