Hokkaido-based Japanese company Planplus Co., Ltd. has officially started selling the Korean ramen 염라대왕라면 Yŏm-ra Daewang ramyeon, which they claim is "the spiciest in the world,"* in Japan.

* For clarification, although the English on the package says "the spiciest in the world," the Japanese press release uses a slightly more nuanced expression. In Japanese, "the spiciest in the world" would be 世界一辛い sekai-ichi karai, but the press release uses the term 世界一級に辛い sekai-ichi-kyū ni karai, meaning "world's spiciest-level," in other words, one of the world's spiciest.

Rendered in Japanese as 閻魔大王ラーメン Enma Daiō rāmen, this super-spicy ramen is named after Yama, sometimes known as the King of Hell in East Asian and Buddhist mythology (and King Yemma in Dragonball). One of the spiciest ramen products in Korea, Enma Daiō rāmen comes packed with a potent powdered soup featuring a carefully selected mix of spices to achieve a balance between flavor and heat.

While most spicy ramen noodle products contain around 10 grams of powdered soup, Enma Daiō rāmen contains a whopping 22 grams of it, so you can add just a bit if you're timid, or the whole thing if you're a hardcore spice-lover.

This super-spicy ramen has become a hot topic on YouTube and social media, with many people taking on the King of Hell Ramen Challenge!

If you love spicy food, maybe you can try it too!

閻魔大王ラーメン Enma Daiō rāmen is now available at Village Vanguard, mass merchandisers, and retail stores nationwide in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.