Japanese retailer Mujirushi Ryouhin (most commonly referred to as "Muji") is known for their "no logo" (what the store's name translates to) minimalist goods. Despite focusing on a no-frills aesthetic, Muji has established a bit of a chic image, which makes them a go-to stop for everything from stationery to furniture.

Muji also has quite the selection of ready-to-serve meals and snacks. Fans of their food offerings will now have a chance to enjoy fresh bento lunch boxes and an in-store food bar, as Muji is opening up its first store dedicated to food, "Muji Kitchen".

Muji Kitchen will be a new food-centered service area found in the new MUJIcom Higashi-Ikebukuro store, located on the first floor of Muji's headquarters. The new community-based store will offer a midday meal service, which provides freshly prepared bento and prepared meals. In addition, the store will also feature a "Retort Food Bar", which allows customers to freshly serve themselves hot meals using 50 different types of Muji's popular retort packaged curry and food lineups.

Muji Kitchen will also be selling a wide range of seasonal vegetables and fruits, special dairy and soy products, and even desserts, with a focus on being able to buy just the right amount of food for yourself or what you need at the time, translating the minimalist theme of the store into a meal concept.

Customers can also enjoy a fully stocked frozen food section and product pickup lockers that allow orders to be received 24 hours a day, and even a "pay it forward" coffee system called Tsunagari Coffee where they can buy and post a coffee voucher on a board with a message for future customers to receive.

There will also be a "Community Connection Space" that will be closely connected to the local community initiatives and introduction of local shops.

Muji Kitchen in is open at MUJIcom Higashi-Ikebukuro as of January 14th, and access information can be found at the official website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.