Famously, Animal Crossing fans get pretty into the games. Some go as far as recreate scenes from movies in amazing detail, while others make super elaborate birthday cakes featuring all the characters.

While lounging around and playing the game, it’s of upmost importance to be comfy. This new collection from Japanese loungewear brand Gelato Pique allows gamers to be cosy, and rep the Animal Crossing characters at the same time!

The twin Tanuki apprentices Timmy and Tommy star in many of the designs. There’s an adorable hoodie and shorts set for women which looks ridiculously comfy.

This cosy look can be completed with matching cushions and a blanket.

For something a bit warmer, there’s a loungewear set with long pants too, which comes in ladies, mens, and kids sizes. The Tanuki duo feature in a logo along with the name of the brand. Timmy and Tommy are called Mamekichi and Tsubukichi in the Japanese games, so their pieces are labelled ‘Tsubumame’.

If you want designs featuring other characters, there’s sets with a selection of them, in either mint colour or red.

Some of the items even let you turn into an Animal Crossing character yourself, with hoodie and shorts sets with adorable animal ears. The material is super fluffy, adding to comfort and the Animal Crossing theme.

The lineup even includes various merchandise you can’t wear like mugs and pouches.

This comfy collection can be found on Gelato Pique’s online store, Usagi Online, and the Nintendo Store. It can also be found in selected branches of Gelato Pique and Nintendo Tokyo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.