Turning 20 marks the commencement of one's life as an adult in Japan, and that journey into adulthood is celebrated on Seijin no Hi (Coming of Age Day). Every year on the second Monday of January, those who turned 20 in the year before or will turn 20 by April are honored at a seijinshiki (Coming of Age Ceremony) held at their hometown's local city office.

Typically, those celebrating their newfound adulthood put on stylish clothes, with men wearing their finest suits and women donning their most gorgeous kimono. The city of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka prefecture is particularly famous for young adults going all out and celebrating in gaudy and garish outfits that annually become a hot topic in the news.

While Japanese Twitter user and newly celebrated adult Beef Pie (@Beef_Pie_kuri) may not have had the gaudiest gear, she certainly got plenty of attention and made some lasting memories with a very unusual number at her recent Coming of Age Ceremony in Kitakyushu.

She shared photos of her getup with the caption "I attended my Coming of Age Ceremony in my hometown of Kitakyushu. It was the most popular I've ever been in my life", and we can certainly see why!

Source: @Beef_Pie_kuri

Source: @Beef_Pie_kuri

Source: @Beef_Pie_kuri

As you can see, Beef Pie decided to celebrate her passage into adulthood by wearing a giant duck head. This obviously resulted in a lot of attention and pictures, but she also was covered by national TV news. She clarified that during the actual ceremony she did not wear the duck head, but put it on for the other festivities.

When asked why she wore the mask, she simply replied "because I think ducks are cool", and added that she thought it would be interesting to pair with a furisode (long-sleeved kimono).

She was definitely right about that.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.