Christmas in Japan tends to be more couple-oriented than in some other countries, so what better way to celebrate this holiday season with that special someone than by getting gobbled up together by Pac-Man? As crazy as it sounds, the opportunity actually exists thanks to an effort by Bandai Namco to launch an interactive "fun" campaign, starting with Pac-Man shaped rickshaws that will run courses in Tokyo's historic Asakusa area.

As part of Bandai Namco's "Asobimotto Project” (Play More Project), the company will be deploying the Pac-Man rickshaws in Asakusa and organizing courses around many famous sightseeing spots. Because of attractions like Sensoji Temple, the Nakamise Shopping Street, and the Sumida River, rickshaw courses are already a popular way of taking in the sights and sounds of Asakusa.

The Pac-Man rickshaw rides, which are officially titled the Pac-Man Rickshaw Asakusa Night Cruise, will run from December 23rd-25th from 4PM-9PM, which each ride taking approximately 15-20 minutes (the rickshaw "drivers" will actually be competing to pull you through the course as quickly as possible--as if you were navigating the narrow tunnels of a Pac-Man game.)

Bandai Namco's site has signups available, with instructions to Tweet out your desired date. In the case of very popular turnout, they will put the limited amount of signups into a raffle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.