Sometimes you don't realize the implications of your actions until after you see the finished product. This definitely was the case at a Tokyo restaurant recently.

A staff member at the official account (@Buccaneer_tokyo) of 飛空艇酒場 バッカニア池袋店 Airship Tavern Buccaneer Ikebukuro, a Tokyo restaurant and bar, was preparing eight hamburger steaks for the inclusive meals of its employees. But when they were done, a chilling realization dawned on them, as you can see in the photo they posted:

Reproduced with permission from 飛空艇酒場 バッカニア池袋店 Airship Tavern Buccaneer Ikebukuro (@Buccaneer_tokyo)

"I prepared hamburger steak (patties) for the inclusive meals and wrote down the names of the employees on them, but it made me feel like a psychopath..."

Written in permanent marker over the plastic wrap on each pattie were names like Yuuki, Rina, Kiyo, Asuka, and Haruki.

If you're a fan of horror or splatter films, it's not hard to imagine how seeing clumps of minced meat with people's names on them would send chills down your spine...

Understandably, the Tweet elicited comments such as: "It's too scary..." and "Oh my God!"

Although it has since been removed, a note was temporarily added to their Twitter profile that read, "*This is not a hamburger shop."

Needless to say, Airship Tavern Buccaneer Ikebukuro serves good food that's safe to eat, so you have no need to worry!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.