Regardless of their personality, it's usually a bit of shock for a pet cat that has established a home as their territory to encounter a new feline face.

Japanese Twitter user @kawaida0102's housecat gave quite a distinct but unusual example of that recently when they laid eyes on a stray cat that approached the window in their house. While most cats might approach and investigate curiously, or more likely snarl become defensive, @kawaida0102's cat struck a shocked pose that has many on Twitter in stitches.

Source: @kawaida0102

"This is my cat on guard when a stray cat showed up."

The cat's taken aback pose and face look like a reaction panel taken straight out of a comic, and many praised the cat for their perfect seiza, a formal and traditional way of sitting on one's knees in Japan.

Whether you think the cat has extraordinary sitting matters or is just completely spooked, it's bewildered but adorable pose is just another piece of evidence that felines are an endless source of photographic wonder.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.