Cat lovers have always dreamed of falling asleep while being cuddled by cats, and now this cat futon will let you do just that--fur free!


Source: Felissimo

Japanese shopping site Felissimo is selling a futon and pillow set covered in cat designs. Let's face it, if you love cats enough to buy this thing, chances are you already have a cat planted firmly in the middle of your bed anyway. At least with these guys, you don't need to go through the whole hassle of disturbing and moving your cat around, though.

Set to sell in March at 6,480 yen ($54.05 USD), you'll never have to worry about being separated from your feline friends. The dimensions are 210×150 centimeters, which is just enough room for you and your actual cats to fit in.

Forget the alarm clock, make the first thing you see in the morning a cat.


Source: Felissimo

Fittingly, they come in sleeping poses.


Source: Felissimo

A pillow case.


Source: Felissimo

Nice and cozy!


Source: Felissimo

The dimensions


Source: Felissimo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.