From office (or classroom) to oshikatsu

In Japan, the market for manga, anime, video games, and idols, among other things, is so large that concerts and events are regularly scheduled throughout the year, and not only on weekends but also on weekdays. What this means for fans who plan on attending weekday evening events is that they often need to find a way of hiding any external indication of their 推し活 oshikatsu, activities for supporting their 推し oshi (favorite character or performer) during the day when they attend school or work at an office.

Especially for fans who like wearing an oshikatsu bag with an external clear plastic sleeve for displaying keychains, tin badges, and other paraphernalia (like the ones we introduced here), this is quite an inconvenience requiring them to either bring an extra bag to school or work (to hide the oshikatsu bag in), store the bag in a public locker somewhere where classmates or colleagues won't see you, or even worse, trek all the way back to their home to pick it up and then go back out again.

The "Oshigoto" Bag

Thanks to a new convertible bag by Elecom Co., Ltd., however, fans now have a convenient and ingenious new solution to the problem.

With a clear window sleeve that can be displayed or covered up depending on your needs, you can switch between "work mode" (or "school mode") and "oshikatsu mode." And it has all kinds of other cool features that come in handy no matter what mode you're in.

In a clever play on words, it's called the 推しごとバッグ oshigoto baggu which literally means "bag for doing things for your oshi" but sounds just like お仕事バッグ or "work bag."

Backpack version

The area for attaching fan goods is made of mesh fabric, allowing for easy attachment of metal badges and straps. The mesh flap inside the main compartment and the hook-and-loop fasteners at the top of the cushioned pocket can be sealed together to form a simple two-compartment structure, allowing for the placement of thicker items such as mini plushies. The front of the bag has a zippered pocket that can be easily accessed when carrying the bag in front. On the side of the bag, you'll find an elastic sleeve pocket for easy loading and unloading. There is a cord hole in the pocket. There's also a side zipper pocket for easy access to your belongings when the backpack is half down or on your back. It's convenient for removing and returning wallets, etc. The cushioned sleeve pocket in the main compartment can hold laptops up to 15.6 inches and A4 size documents.

Shoulder bag version

Switch between tote style and messenger style

By adjusting the length of the shoulder belt, you can switch between tote and messenger styles. The back of the bag features a general-purpose zipper pocket for easy loading and unloading. The sturdy lining material at the bottom of the bag reduces any deformation caused by the stored items.

Product Information

Backpack version

Oshigoto Backpack - Black

Oshigoto Backpack - Grey

  • Model number: BM-OGBP01GY
  • Price: 5,980 JPY (including tax)
  • Product page

Oshigoto Shoulder Tote Bag - Black

Oshigoto Shoulder Tote Bag - Grey

  • Model number: BM-OGST01GY
  • Price: 4,280 JPY (including tax)
  • Product page

For more details on these bags, visit Elecom's website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.