It can sometimes be hard to imagine Studio Ghibli's celebrated director Hayao Miyazaki doing anything ordinary when you hear tales of him using a samurai sword to ward off Harvey Weinstein, but the animation legend is known to participate in neighborhood clean-up activities and even relaxing at the Studio Ghibli cafe as a customer.

Japanese Twitter user @diesuke_w recently stumbled upon Miyazaki taking a stroll exactly where you might expect him to be doing that--at Studio Ghibli itself--except not in person. @diesuke_w shared a set of photos to Twitter explaining that when you use Google Street View (although it appears to be Apple Maps) to look at Studio Ghibli's company headquarters in Koganei, Tokyo, you can see Hayao Miyazaki walking down the street wearing an apron.

Miyazaki and a coworker appear to be taking the air on a quick errand, as the director is still wearing an apron he likely uses when working on an animation project.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.