Hinamatsuri, also known as Girls’ Day, is a Japanese day of celebration which takes place on 3rd March. During the festival, people pray for the health and growth of their female children, and decorate their house with ornamental dolls.

These dolls are placed on a tiered stand with each doll representing a member of the imperial household. Depending on the size of the display, there will be many dolls symbolising various attendants, musicians and helpers. But all sets will have at least an Emperor and Empress at the very top, often flanked by blossom-adorned lamps.

These traditional dolls have been used as inspiration for a special Hinamatsuri cake set from Japanese confectionery shop, Ginza Cozy Corner. The Emperor and Empress dolls feature as tarts, while the blossoms appear on some of the other cakes. The spring theme is also evident through the choice of colour scheme: light pink, light green and white.

Apart from this adorable set, they will also be offering various elaborate Girls’ Day cakes of differing sizes.

And gift sets (on sale from 28th January).

The cakes can be preordered from now until 20th February, and then collected on 2nd or 3rd March. The actual release will be from 26th February to 3rd March 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.