No matter how careful we are, sometimes we forget things. Naturally, The more important the item is, the more impatient we are to find it the moment we realize what happened.

Twitter user GIraFFE (@Natt82009413), who lives in the Kanto region, forgot their tumbler when they took the bullet train towards the Hokuriku region of Japan.

Some of our readers might imagine that GIraFFE's chances of seeing their tumbler again were slim, but in Japan, expectations are generally high when it comes to items forgotten in public transportation, so GIraFFE probably imagined that the tumbler would turn up.

However, what they didn't expect was how it was returned to them...

The tumbler was not only sent to GIRaFFE by mail all the way from Toyama, a city on the coast of the Sea of Japan situated 190 miles away from Tokyo, with all expenses paid by JR West, but it was carefully wrapped in styrofoam sheets and bubble wrap, and contained an awesome message card from the staff at Toyama Station as well!

GIRaFFE posted the message card on their Twitter account:

Reproduced with permission from GIraFFE (@Natt82009413)

"The tumbler I forgot on the bullet train arrived at Toyama Station!

I live in the Kanto area, so I didn't want to go to Toyama for the tumbler, but they sent it to me by mail.

When I opened it, I was moved by the tasteful message card they included!
The staff at Toyama Station are so nice!

I'm going to make a point of visiting there next time!!"

Here's what the message said:

Thank you very much for using JR West Japan.

We have sent you your precious belongings that we had been holding at Toyama Station. Please confirm the contents of this package.

We can imagine that you must have felt anxious, but we are glad that we were able to deliver them safely to you.

We pray that your precious belongings won't ever feel lonely when you use our services in the future and that you will be able to travel with peace of mind.

Please come back to Toyama, a city full of charm.

On the reverse side, it looks just like a ticket. In fact, it says "Special Limited Express ticket for articles to be delivered," valid for a trip from "Toyama Station" to "(honorable) Customer," followed by: "Honorable customer, we have delivered your precious belongings." Finally, a stamp at the bottom right says: "Delivery complete. Toyama Station." and "Please visit Toyama again" in the local dialect.

Talk about godly service!

For some people, forgetting something can be quite a shock and turn an exciting trip into a bad memory. Therefore, the staff at Toyama Station and their heartwarming message must have really cheered GIraFFE up.

The post quickly spread on Twitter, and elicited many reactions, such as:

  • "I was moved by this... The station staff are wonderful!"
  • "As a resident of Toyama Prefecture, I'm very happy to hear this story. I'm glad you found your tumbler!"
  • "Such kindness... I think I'm going to cry..."

It looks like this message card turned an anxious moment into a happy memory. Maybe next time, GIraFFE will really visit Toyama and have a chance to thank the staff in person!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.