At home is one thing, but discovering that toilet paper has run out when you're eating out at a restaurant can be a restroom crisis. That's why making sure a backup supply is stocked is a routine duty for restaurant staff.

For Tokyo yakiniku restaurant Akihabara Horumon Oideya, that duty may not be as regular--or as necessary--as in other places. TikTok user y_urin_a recently found that out when she stepped into the restaurant's restroom.

Just when she thought there was no toilet paper left, she noticed a sign that said "while our staff routinely makes sure toilet paper doesn't run out, if you're faced with an emergency scenario--we apologize the convenience, but please follow the instructions of Usami Christine Pipimi-sensei."

So of course, she followed the direction of where the restaurants rabbit character, Usami Christine Pipimi, was pointing:

After following each picture of the rabbit mascot telling her where to look, y_urin_a arrived...right back at the toilet, where a very generous supply of emergency toilet paper was waiting. There's so many backup rolls on the wall you would notice them by simply walking in, but the roundabout and playful system the restaurant set up--which might actually help when you've forgotten in a panic about what's right behind you--has delighted many online.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.