When it snows, as it recently has been in Japan, it can be pretty tempting to go outside and make a snowman, especially in regions where snowfall is usually rare.

Japanese Twitter user Sakura Kai (@FeBnBJJ5TWVx3yA) recently witnessed the result of some of that excitement when they spotted a surprise prank outside.

I can’t use the stairs.

A countless army of mini snowmen left on the stairs, all equally spaced out!

Take a look at this picture of the whole stairway.

According to Kai, this happened on the stairways of a local university.

Perhaps the university students made an army of mini snowmen and placed them on the stairs.

It looks as if the snowmen army is trying to block people from entering the school, and given how strategically they are placed, seem to be doing a pretty good job.

There were many comments left from the people surprised by this prank.

What on earth is this!?

The playfulness is so adorable!

If you look at it closely, the space placed in between the snowmen is different in each stair level! The detail is incredible!

How neat! But nobody can use the stairs now.

The person who planted this prank couldn’t stop smiling while making these snowmen imagining how surprised people would be!

By - Mugi.