A while ago, we introduced the "Oyasumi Nyan"--a play on the Japanese words for "good night" (oyasumi) and "meow" (nyan)--from online retailer Felissimo. It's a cute futon-sleeping bag hybrid meant for cats (available for order here), but given the independent nature of felines, we've had our doubts about a cat actually agreeing to use it. Consider those doubts settled, as Japanese Twitter user @marurii1107 recently purchased it for their adorable munchkin Ranmaru (who notably has long legs for a munchkin), and it seems like the little guy may never leave his new futon!

As you can see, Ranmaru needed a new sleeping situation.

So @marurii1107 presented the Kitty Futon to Ranmaru, and it seems like love at first sight for the little munchkin!

Do not disturb!

Fine, fine--good morning!

Oh shoot, I overslept!

It's not like I have anything to do today...

If you want to give it a go with your cat--who hopefully isn't too big--you can order the Kitty Futon from Felissimo's international site.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.