With their expressive faces and personalities, pugs are a bit of a gold mine for interesting name possibilities. Because of their often goofy nature, however, something as intimidating as "Yokozuna", the highest rank in sumo wrestling, doesn't quite seem to fit.

Japanese Twitter user @yokomu_subi shared quite the hilarious photo of their pug that carries that name that has many on Twitter thinking differently. One day when leaving the house, Yokozuna saw off their owner, as loyal dogs often do. However, the particular way in which he chose to do it makes the pug look quite imposing--and has many convinced there's actually a human inside!

Source: @yokomu_subi

"No way, the way you send me off is just like a human"

Standing on his hind legs and leaning against the glass door with his paw, Yokozuna appears to be checking on his owner to see where he's going and peering outside the way a human would! The hilarious pose and expression on the pug's face delighted many on Twitter, with some saying the pose helped Yokozuna live up to his name.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.