Some of our readers may remember the talented Japanese model and figure artist からけん KARA-KEN (@karaageakinai) who creates amazing Pokémon figures and displays as well as clever and practical Pokémon-themed devices such as Gengar tape holders and Quagsire fans.

KARA-KEN's latest creation is a Meltan!

Reproduced with permission from からけん KARA-KEN (@karaageakinai)

This figure not only looks great, complete with a shiny metallic body, red wire-like tail and hexagonal nut-shaped head with black "eye" floating inside it, but is also built to be "life-sized." As fans may know, the Steel-type Mythical Pokémon only measures 8 inches tall, according to the Pokédex, so it's a size that lends itself perfectly to a desk-bound figure.

However, just like Meltans absorb metal, this figure likes to collect metal... in the form of paper clips. That's right, there's a magnet inside the hexagonal nut which allows you to use this Meltan as a paper clip stand!

Reproduced with permission from からけん KARA-KEN (@karaageakinai)

"I made a life-sized Meltan paper clip stand out of clay and plastic paneling"

As you can see, these Meltan paper clip stands look like they make wonderful deskmates.

"This is the first time I made a life-sized one, but this is good. It's like there are Pokémon right in front of my eyes."

If you're curious to know how KARA-KEN made it, you can watch the process in this video:

These Meltan paper clip stands quickly got noticed, and elicited comments on Twitter such as:

  • "I was surprised to see their eyes actually floating in the air! Wonderful use of clear plastic panels (...)"
  • "Ahhhhh....These Meltans are so adorable!!!...."
  • "OMG. I want one so badly. It's awesome that they're paper clip stands too!"
  • "The Meltans look so happy covered with metal paper clips! (...)"

For more awesome Pokémon-inspired figures and practical gadgets, follow KARA-KEN on Twitter and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

By - Ben K.