February 3rd this year marked the holiday and festival of setsubun ("Seasonal Division") in Japan. Setsubun marks the end of winter and beginning of spring, and celebrations are centered around casting away the bad spirits and misfortune of yesteryear and hoping for good luck in the future. One way to celebrate is tossing roasted soybeans known as fukumame ("fortune beans") at a family member who dresses up as an oni, a Japanese ogre or demon.

The demon mask-wearing family member will typically chase around the household's young children playfully (although this can sometimes be absolutely terrifying), while the family fights back by throwing the beans at the oni and chanting "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi" ("Devils out! Fortune in!"), before closing a door on the evil spirits.

Pets get in on the fun too, and a chow chow in Japan named Kurizo recently was provided an adorable demon outfit by their owner, @kurizo_chow. Unfortunately, poor Kurizo seems to understand the bean barrage responsibility that comes with that outfit, and let his owner know with a worrying melt-your-heart look:

Source: @kurizo_chow

@kurizo_chow shared the picture with the caption "I'm not going to throw beans at you, so please don't make that face!"

While it's almost certain that Kurizo's very distinct face as a chow chow is responsible for the impression of a forlorn look, you can't help but imagine that the dog witnessing another demon-mask wearing family member being pelted with beans and worrying about that outcome.

Although he might just be hoping for them as a snack as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.