The popular Japanese video game Uma Musume Pretty Derby will celebrate its first anniversary on February 24th, 2022.

On February 4th, 2022, a poster suddenly appeared on the in-game bulletin board announcing the collaboration, and it became a hot topic among players.

Since the poster had a green, white, and blue border, many players speculated it might be a collaboration with FamilyMart and others wondered what the food items might be.

Finally, today, on February 10th, it was officially confirmed that Uma Musume would be having its first collaboration with a convenience store and that it would indeed be at FamilyMart (AKA Famima)!

Details of the Uma Musume x Famima collaboration

The name of the collaboration campaign is 『ウマ娘 プリティーダービー1周年キャンペーン』 ("Uma Musume Pretty Derby 1st Anniversary Campaign").

The campaign will run from February 15th, 2022 to March 7th, 2022, and will be held at 16,600 stores nationwide, with a total of 13 types of collaboration food items sold.

In addition, there will be a campaign where you can get limited-edition collaboration goods only available at FamilyMart, limited edition goods only available through Famipay Web reservation, and limited edition original items with the purchase of eligible products!

It's a celebration of the first anniversary of the game's release that fans won't want to miss!

『ゴールドシップの大盛ソースやきそば』 "Gold Ship's Big Yakisoba with Sauce"

This product is based on the image of the yakisoba that Gold Ship cooks in the in-game events. It's a hearty dish topped with stir-fried vegetables and pork, as well as fried egg. The yakisoba noodles also come with mayonnaise and mustard toppings, so you can add them to adjust the flavor.

『サトノダイヤモンドの辛辛チキン』 "Satono Diamond's Hot and Spicy Chicken"

This is a product inspired by Satono Diamond, a horse girl with a fondness for very spicy food.

Do you think you can catch up with Satono Diamond? Experience the spice and see if you have what it takes!

『タマモクロスのチーズたこ焼き』 "Tamamo Cross's Cheese Takoyaki"

This cheese takoyaki is inspired by Tamamo Cross, a native of the Kansai region who also shows up in the game in a scene where takoyaki is being cooked.

It's topped with Danish cheese and comes with a pack of cheese sauce on the side.

The white sauce expresses Tamamo Cross's nickname, "White Inazuma," so you can drizzle lightning zigzags with it when you eat these tasty takoyaki dumplings.

『サクラバクシンオーのハムたまご&野菜ミックス』 "Sakura Bakushin O's Ham, Eggs and Mixed Vegetables Sandwich"

This product is based on the image of the sandwich depicted on Sakura Bakushin O's support card 『はやい!うまい!はやい!』 ("Fast! Tasty! Fast!")

It contains two sandwiches with hardboiled eggs, ham, and green and yellow vegetables, for a perfect nutritional balance!

『メジロマックイーンのやる気 UP スイーツ』 Mejiro McQueen's Motivational Sweets

Named after the sweets-loving Mejiro McQueen, this product is inspired by the 『やる気 UP スイーツ』 ("Motivational Sweets") item that appears in the game.

This dessert features pudding surrounded by whipped cream blended with fresh cream from Hokkaido, and topped with oranges, yellow peaches, strawberries, and chocolate.

『ウマ娘 プリティーダービー まんまる焼き』(カスタード味クリーム入り) "Uma Musume Pretty Derby Manmaru-yaki" (w/ custard cream)

This custard-filled Imagawayaki cake is branded with an original design of either Special Week, Silence Suzuka, or Tokai Teio.

One of ten original stickers (approx 52 mm wide) is included at random.

『サイレンススズカのいちご大福』 "Silence Suzuka's Strawberry Daifuku"

You can actually buy Silence Suzuka's favorite food! The packaging depicts Silence Suzuka in her "strawberry Daifuku" pose.

The daifuku cake is made of soft, chewy dough and is filled with flavorful red bean paste made from azuki beans grown in Hokkaido and a whole strawberry.

『キタサンブラックのロールケーキ』 "Kitasan Black's Roll Cake"

This tire-shaped roll cake is inspired by the large tires that appear in the "Friendship Training" in-game event.

The black cake made with bamboo charcoal powder is reminiscent of Kitasan Black's hair color!

『スペシャルウィークのばくだんむすび』(北海道産鮭・昆布使用) "Special Week's Bakudan-musubi" (made with salmon and kelp from Hokkaido)

This is a round-shaped bakudan musubi (literally "bomb rice ball") made with salmon and kelp from Hokkaido, in honor of Special Week, a native of Hokkaido.

Many fans will surely nod in recognition seeing how Special Week's big rice ball is inspired by the big bowls of rice she's known for eating.

『イナリワンの鶏五目いなり』 "Inari One's Chicken Inari"

This Inari Sushi is made in the image of Inari One's name and inspired by her Edokko (born and raised in Tokyo) character.

The sushi contains carrots, a favorite vegetable among horse girls, and chicken soboro (seasoned ground chicken).

『ウマ娘のオリジナルカフェオレ』 "Uma Musume Original Cafe au Lait"

A mild-tasting café au lait with Uma Musume illustrations on it.

There are five different package designs: Vodka, Satono Diamond, Kitasan Black, Silence Suzuka, and Daiwa Scarlet.

『トウカイテイオーのはちみードリンク ~はちみつレモン風味~』 "Tokai Teio's Hachimi Drink - Honey Lemon Flavor"

This is a honey lemon-flavored drink inspired by Tokai Teio's favorite drink, "Hachimi Drink."

There are a total of five different packages, one with an illustration of Tokai Teio by herself and four with illustrations of her together with Symboli Rudolf, Gold Ship, Special Week, and Mejiro McQueen.

『ウマ娘 プリティーダービー チップス』 Uma Musume Pretty Derby Chips

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Chips come with an Uma Musume card.

There are 12 regular cards and 12 rare cards with embossed designs, for a total of 24 different types, with one of them included at random.

Presents you'll get with your purchase

During the campaign period, original items will be given away with the purchase of eligible products, while supplies last.

A4 clear folders (4 types in total)

For every three sweets purchased, you will receive one of four types of folders.

Acrylic key chains (12 types in total)

For every two drinks purchased, you will receive one of 12 acrylic keychains with your favorite design.

Original goods on sale too!

Original goods featuring newly-drawn illustrations of the Uma Musume horse girls in FamilyMart uniforms will be available at stores nationwide from 10:00 AM on February 24th.

Metal badges (10 kinds, random design)

Acrylic stands (10 kinds, random design)

Get original goods through Fami-Pay web pre-order

A limited number of original products exclusive to FamilyMart will be available for purchase via Famipay web pre-ordering.

Reservations will be accepted from 10:00 AM on February 15th to 9:59 PM on the 28th or when supplies run out, whichever comes first.

Mochikororin Plushie Mascot 7 Type Set

In addition, a Famima App Stamp Project will be held during the campaign period, and limited edition banners will be placed in stores.

Celebrate the first anniversary of the release of Uma Musume Pretty Derby at FamilyMart!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.