Earlier this week, many strawberry lovers in Japan began visiting their local Lawson convenience stores for a taste of a new sweets collection supervised by strawberry sweets specialty store ICHIBIKO, a first-time collaboration between the two brands.

You'll find plenty of appeal in this lineup, beginning with ICHIBIKO's plump strawberries with a delightful blend of sweetness and tartness, the cute, rounded shape of the cakes and sweets, as well as ICHIBIKO's cute rabbit design on the packaging. It's the perfect occasion to enjoy strawberry sweets and breads this Spring season!

Let's take a closer look at this scrumptious strawberry sweets selection:

ICHIBIKO 監修 いちごみるくサンド Strawberry Milk Sandwich

As some of our readers already know, fruit sandwiches are popular in Japan not only because of the quality of Japanese fruit, but also because of the beautiful presentations created when slicing the sandwiches in half creating cross-sections of fruit in various patterns.

In this strawberry sandwich, two fluffy slices of shokupan milk bread, lightly spread with condensed milk, envelop whipped cream blended with strawberry jam. Of course, the sandwich is studded with plump strawberries, creating a cute trio of half-cut berries lined up in a row.

Price: 378 JPY incuding tax (not available at LAWSON STORE 100 locations)

ICHIBIKO 監修 おやつコッペ いちごみるく Strawberry Milk Coppé-pan

A popular snack bread in Japan ever since the Pacific War, コッペパン coppepan is a hot dog bun-like bread roll, cut in half and filled with whipped cream or other sweet ingredients.

In this version, you'll find a generous amount of whipped cream blended with strawberry jam containing real chunks of strawberries. You can enjoy the sweet and sour strawberry cream from one end to the other.

Price: 257 JPY incuding tax (not available at LAWSON STORE 100 locations)

Uchi Café × ICHIBIKO いちごロールケーキ Strawberry Roll Cake

This strawberry roll cake is filled with a rich strawberry cream sandwiched between two layers of sweet and sour strawberry sauce and rolled in a deliciously moist sponge cake with a half-strawberry heart.

Price: 240 JPY incuding tax (not available at LAWSON STORE 100 locations)

Uchi Café × ICHIBIKO いちごみるくどらもっち Strawberry Milk Doramocchi

A traditional Japanese sweet, どら焼き dorayaki is made by sandwiching a sweet azuki bean paste filling between two small pancakes made from castella cake. どらもっち doramocchi incorporates the Japanese mimetic word もっちり mocchiri, meaning "moist and chewy," in this case describing the special pancakes used for the filling. Split open this doramocchi and you'll find a delicious strawberry milk cream blended with strawberry chunks, creating a sweet blend of Japanese and Western flavors.

Price: 195 JPY incuding tax (not available at LAWSON STORE 100 locations)

In addition to the lineup available at Lawson, strawberry-lovers can also check out the selection of delicious products available at ICHIBIKO's online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.