Heavy snowfall this season in Japan's colder regions has brought out some truly eye-popping sights lately, including road signs "shedding", second floor snow piles, and even a parade of folklore demons.

Naturally, the northern prefecture of Aomori prefecture has more than its fair share of shockingly frigid sights. Twitter user Macaroni Salad (@kgurna8610fybs) recently reminded us of that when they posted a look at what the Hakkoda Ropeway currently looks like during the cold front.

The Hakkoda Ropeway allows those who ride it to take in gorgeous panoramic views, access hiking trails, ski spots, and even hot springs. In a harsh blizzard, however, the ropeway looks like an icy video game location:

Source: @gurna8610fybs

Macaroni Salad didn't seem deterred by the frozen ropeway, however, saying "it was the greatest" and even posted a video showing not just how icy it is, but also so much visibility is obscured by the blizzard conditions.

While they compared the scenery to GoldenEye 007, others in the comments likened it to a mysterious ice stage locale found in RPGs.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.