If you’re a Ghostbusters super-fan living in Tokyo, something strange has come to your neighbourhood. The latest instalment of the franchise, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, was recently released and one sweet shop in Ginza has created a tasty tribute to a cheeky character.

The Vegan Marshmallooow, a bakery in Ginza that specialises in vegan sweets, are offering up two desserts featuring the mischievous Mini-Pufts Marshmallow Men.

Up first is the colourful pudding a la mode which consists of a creamy pudding, fruit, sponge cake, soy cream and cookie. The whole thing is topped off with the Marshmallow Man, who is made of marshmallow of course.

The next dessert combines an eerie amount of flavours and textures into one ghostly sundae. The Marshmallow Man figure is created with marshmallows and soy whipped cream. The various layers include cocoa sponge, raspberry sauce, cookie pieces, and coffee jelly.

Neither of these creations contain any animal products, so it’s perfect for vegans and people with other dietary restrictions.

The two sweet apparitions will be on the menu until 31st March 2022. The Vegan Marshmallooow is located in Mitsukoshi Ginza on floor B2.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.