While popular burger chain Mos Burger made waves earlier this year by trying to raise awareness of the tastiness of Mac 'n' Cheese in Japan with their Mac 'n' Cheese Croquette Burger, this month they're opting for a greener route with their new 100% plant-based Teriyaki Green Burger.

The Teriyaki Green Burger lives up to it's name by serving up a soy patty sandwiched between a green bun made with green leaves, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. The burger comes with teriyaki sauce and green mayo sauce, served in a dual squeezable packet that allows you to drizzle the sauce on your own to your liking. Here's what one (with mustard and ketchup) looks like in action:

The teriyaki sauce is made from sugar beets to give it a light sweetness, and mustard and black pepper to give it a sharpness, while the mayo is made from edamame beans.

The soy patty is based on vegetable protein derived from soybeans, with shiitake mushroom extract adding flavor and konnyaku and cabbage to add texture and sweetness. The buns are made with buttery soy milk cream to give them a moist texture, and spinach puree is kneaded into the buns to give them a slight vegetable sweetness.

The plant-based Green Teriyaki Burger will be available at Mos Burgers throughout Japan starting September 22nd.

By - Big Neko.