The bane of existence for many trading card collectors is having one of their prized possessions bent. While some types of physical bending damage to cards can't be truly undone, sometimes cards become bent or warped due dry air, as well as humidity. Dedicated card collectors often keep their collections in conditions where temperature is controlled, but it can be hard to maintain completely, especially when using the cards in play.

Japanese Twitter user Tetora (@tetorasan2021) recently delighted many not quite sure how to address the upkeep of their bent cards with a simple DIY fix. Out side of your bent cards, you only need less than a handful of everyday household items.

Tetora first explained on how to easily unbend your cards when they have a crease that bends upwards like a mountain.

"I fix my cards that are bent upwards like this! I hope this can be use of to someone!

1. Soak a tissue or sponge.

2. Place your card(s) and the tissue/sponge in a Tupperware container (be sure not to let the cards get wet!! In my case, I put the tissue/sponge in a mini beaker lol).

3. After some time (note: Tetora recommends about a day's worth of time), oh hey, now that's mysterious. ?"

Tetora provided a simple picture guide to demonstrate as well.

Take your bent cards

Source: @tetorasan2021

Place them in Tupperware next to a wet tissue or sponge (make sure the cards don't get wet)

Source: @tetorasan2021

Wait about a day and voila!

Source: @tetorasan2021

For when cards are bent inversely or downwards, Tetora says to simply replaced the wet tissue with a desiccant or drying agent package to fix the bend the other way.

While many card collectors probably do their routine best to keep their collection in mint condition, this looks like a very simple and quick trick to getting your bent cards back on the mend!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.