Home to captivating scenery, historical buildings and attractions, and a thriving center for aspects of Japan's traditional culture, it's no wonder Kyoto is hotbed for beautiful photography.

So H. Fujinami (@wasabitool), an impressive photographer who specializes in photography where "you can feel Japan" (and perhaps you can in his stunning photos of swirling "sakura clouds" and flaming Daruma heads) was probably expecting to snap some great shots of the region's celebrated scenery on a recent trip to the old capital.

What he may not have expected however, was to find such a shot on a simple stroll through Kyoto's Higashiyama District on an ordinary street. The area is lined with restaurants, shops, and historical buildings, but isn't exactly a touted photography spot.

Fujinami found that to be just the opposite one snowy evening with this gorgeous shot one snowy morning:

Source: @wasabitool

"Snowy streets in the old capital."

Snapped early in the morning, the winding street is devoid of cars so you can appreciate the thin layer of snow illuminated by the light of the street lamps. Many commented on the photo appreciating how it's not just the big tourist spots in Kyoto that look so splendid, but the everyday sights of the city as well.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.