Ebi fry, or deep fried shrimp, is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to bento and set meals in Japan. Whether it's the main course or a bonus topping on a rice bowl, the crispy big shrimp is a big crowd pleaser for foodies.

It's not just humans that love their giant fried shrimp, it seems. Twitter user @tarubounya discovered that when they discovered their cat, Taruto, expressing quite the attachment to a fried shrimp plushie. As cat lovers know, kitties tend to knead soft textured items when they feel at ease or relaxed. No matter how old the cat is, it's like they're turning back into a kitten anytime they do it.

Taruto did just that, but instead of a bed or pillow, the cat is kneading on a giant fried shimp plushie--while apparently trying to eat it as well!

While holding part of the shrimp plushie in his mouth, Taruto kneads at the base of the plushie in a video that makes it look like he's actually preparing the shrimp to serve in a meal! The adorable "chef cat" is so in love with his shrimp plushie he can't decide if he wants to eat it or knead it for all eternity. The relaxing video has gone viral on Twitter as a hypnotically rewatchable video. You can only imagine how Taruto would react if he encountered an actual fried shrimp.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.