The iconic video game character Kirby is known for being cute and pink, much like the famous cherry blossoms that are appreciated all over Japan during spring. So it only makes sense that he himself is a fan of sakura season, and the official Kirby Cafes are getting some brand new menu items to celebrate.

The spring menu includes three new tasty treats for Kirby fans to sample. Kirby’s ‘Sky and Sun World Series Pasta’ looks like the perfect spring dish, incorporating pretty and bright colours to reflect the season.

There’s also a dessert inspired by the treats that Kirby and his friends would bring to a springtime picnic. It includes a sakuranbo and berry tart with an ice cream on the side.

The green and pink hues of spring can also be seen in a takeout-only seasonal beverage coming to the Kirby Cafe Store. You can even get a special straw with a Kirby mascot on if you pay a bit extra.

These spring dishes are available until 15th May 2022 in both the Tokyo and Hakata branches of the Kirby Cafe, but the drink is only at the Kirby Cafe Store in Tokyo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.