Japanese Showa era vintage boutique brand Sumix has made a dream project come true for fans of the era’s celebrated nostalgic aesthetic. Utilizing the latest 3D technology to precisely recreate the texture and touch of vintage clothing, they are opening up their very own Showa vintage boutique virtual store for easy access.

In this virtual shop, you can experience luxury vintage clothing, each of which has its own story, that ladies from high-class families in Showa era used to wear. With the latest 3D technology, you can walk and browse through the space freely, and enjoy the luxurious experience as if you are in a high-end boutique store. Each of them is haute couture, fully custom and handmade from beginning to finish by skilled tailors.

Upon your visit, you will be greeted by a virtual host, Machiko, programmed by the professional customer service staff at Sumix, who will guide your visit.

Machiko was designed based on a mannequin from the Showa era.

By - Mugi.