While there’s plenty of interesting and stylish ways to store jewellery, there’s nothing better than a piece that stands alone as a decoration. Donguri Kyowakoku, an official Studio Ghibli merchandise retailer, has taken this concept and ran with it in their latest jewellery lineup.

The collection features Calcifer, a popular character from the animation Howl’s Moving Castle. The Fire Demon’s memorable poses and scenes have been recreated as super detailed rings. But the twist is that these elaborate jewellery pieces are also stand-alone figures that can decorate your room.

Donguri Kyowakoku have dubbed this collection ‘Kazaring’, which combines the Japanese word ‘kazaru’ which means to decorate, with the English word ‘ring’.

There’s six designs to choose from, which includes renditions of Calcifer cooking breakfast, sulking in the hearth, and losing his fiery temper. The designs are so detailed that you can even see each individual flame on Calcifer’s body.

The rings are packaged so that you can’t tell which design is inside, making for a fun surprise when opened.

They would make a great gift for any Howl’s Moving Castle super fan, considering that they can bring some Ghibli flair to both outfits and rooms.

One ring costs 1100 yen and they can be found at branches of Donguri Kyowakoku or ordered from their online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.