Pet owners know quite well that during the colder months, animals trade in their shedding for a new winter coat to deal with the change of season (and in the case of shiba inu, that means extra mochi-like cheeks). This can lead to some changes in appearance, but usually not as dramatic as the one Japanese Twitter user @nekonotehu in their beloved fluffy black cat, Kochi-chan.

Kochi-chan has always had a naturally poofy quality to her fur, but now that winter has come, the cat has taken on the appearance of a character straight out of a Studio Ghibli film!

Source: @nekonotehu

Kochi-chan's already fluffy black fur going up an extra level in the winter has many on Twitter comparing the feline to the Soot Sprites that appear in Studio Ghibli's animated classics My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, although one might argue her shape has her looking like the titular Totoro himself!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.