To the uninitiated, newts may not be the immediate example of cuteness pictured when thinking of cute pets. Japanese Twitter user moi (@web_imori), who's been raising newts for ten years, may have the ultimate remedy for that.

moi shared a picture of their two newts beaming with adorable smiles as one hugs the other from behind. The caption, which reads "I've been raising newts for about 10 years and took the cutest photo of them, so I'd like everyone to see."

It appears to be quite the accurate claim!

Source: @web_imori

Many in the replies fell in love with the cuddling newt duo, likening the scene to something from a picture book. While moi says that they've been looking after newts for 10 years, one has to wonder if this is a common scene that takes place when they aren't looking.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.