What you buy isn't always exactly what you get, and Japanese Twitter user Tamasamburo (@kshioriri) recently found that out in a very funny or very horrifying way depending on how you see it.

Tamasamburo shared photos to Twitter of a toy he purchased that didn't exactly turn out the way he expected it to. Many will remember playing with toy dinosaur eggs that "hatch" when soaked in water for a certain amount of time, revealing colorful dinosaur shaped sponges. Well, Tamasamburo found a similar toy promising a "mega surprising" penguin egg.

Source: @kshioriri

However, what was born from the egg turned out to be slightly different than the fluffy penguin on the box, prompting Tamasamburo to share the results with the caption, "It was so creepy I cried"...

Source: @kshioriri

While the derpy faced penguin with a deformed melting body inspired quite a few laughs and nightmares on Twitter, many commented that they've actually used the same penguin before and sorted out the problem he had encountered. In order for the penguin to achieve the right level of fluff, it has to be left in the water for quite a bit longer before being taken out.

Tamasamburo admitted that he hadn't left it in the recommended amount of time (perhaps convinced by the fully formed face!), and that the small mug he kept it in may have contributed to the awkward transformation. Although he may have just discovered a new species of penguin!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.