Amezaiku is a traditional Japanese craft candy that creates artistic and edible sculptures. Often at food stalls and festivals, candy artisans will take requests to craft characters quickly using candy bases and quick drying syrup.

Twitter user Mametaro (@odorya41) recently visited Yao Shoten and requested a particular craft candy--one in the shape of a dragon.

Mametaro felt it was a bit of a detailed design to pull off, but the craftsman answered that they could make it on the spot, much to the surprise of Mametaro and many on Twitter:

"Me: Can you make candy in the shape of a dragon?

Candyman: Yeah I can do that.

Me: You can?!"

It looks like he was telling the truth!

The craftsman's dragon candy is completed in just a matter of seconds with a simple reference from a picture on a phone, and pulls off a detailed design, including the head, wings, body, and even the tip of the tail.

Source: @odorya41

The expertly crafted dragon candy is almost a shame to eat.

If you find yourself passing an Amezaiku booth, you may want to have a creative design in mind--both to exceed your expectations and grab a tasty treat!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.