There is never a better time than any time to indulge yourself with a little bit of the Swiss magic melt-in-the-mouth chocolate known as Lindt & Sprüngli. Without a shadow of a doubt, the company is a true master of chocolate making and is constantly striving to produce some of the best confectionery in the world.
So when Lindt & Sprüngli announce the release of a new item, our mouth’s instantly begin to water.

Enter the Lindt Chocolate Banana series – 2020’s latest mouthwatering refreshment.

Available from July 1, the Lindt Iced Chocolate Banana and the Lindt Hot Chocolate Banana, combine classic Lindt milk chocolate with banana puree to produce the perfect mix of sweet chocolate and bananas.
Not only is Lindt one of the best companies in the art of chocolatiering but they seem to have also mastered the art of creating a banana puree, as the sauce used in the new drinks is also produced by the company. To make the sauce, the artisans first took an aged banana and removed its water content in the oven, before pulping it into a paste. This fresh puree ensures the drink has a rich and fresh banana flavour that mixes well with the whole drink.

The two drinks are now available in all Lindt Chocolate stores with chocolate cafes for the price of 699 yen, and will remain on the menu until the end of the year.

Never tiring of creating chocolate refreshments for our sweet tooth's, the Lindt Chocolatier’s constantly work hard and carefully select ingredients that go well with their signature dark, milk and white chocolate. From August this year, expect to find a new range of Orange Chocolate flavoured drinks to appear on the menu. With 11 different orange flavours, and available as both a hot and cold drink, this new release will add 22 new drinks to the already hard to choose from menu.
But no matter how hard it is to pick a mouthwatering drink from Lindt & Sprüngli, you can always be sure that you won’t leave the store without one!

If you are a fan of chocolate and the artistic creations made by Lindt & Sprüngli make sure to follow their official twitter and instagram accounts for all their latest chocolate innovations!

By - Connie Sceaphierde.