There’s only one thing better than a themed tea party based around a Sanrio character, and that’s a themed tea party based around two Sanrio characters.

Thanks to a restaurant in Osaka, fans of Sanrio’s adorable creations can come together to sample some cute character-inspired eats featuring not one, but two kawaii icons. Namely, the company’s most well-known star, Hello Kitty, and fresh from landing fourth place in the 2020 Sanrio Character Ranking, My Melody.

The charms of these Sanrio heavy-hitters are being combined with all the fun of a tea party, a classy and relaxing pastime. This restaurant hosted a Sanrio inspired smorgasbord last year too, but this year’s buffet has taken on a summer theme with colourful and cute treats.

There’s twenty-five different desserts to be had. featuring various motifs relating to Hello Kitty and My Melody. One example is the ice cream cup cheesecake, complete with red Hello Kitty bow.

This year’s collaboration is even more special since it has become more inclusive for those on a vegan diet. Seven kinds of vegan sweets have been added to the lineup, like a gelatin-free peach Bellini, chocolate chip cupcakes and pina colada panna cotta.

Since not everyone can hack a dessert-only buffet, there’s also some savoury light bites on offer such as corn soup, curry and salad.

If you want to experience the sweetness of this dreamy collab for yourself, the restaurant, called Folk Kitchen, is located on the second floor of the Hilton Osaka hotel. The tea party buffet is taking place every afternoon until 13th September 2020 and you can book a table on the Hilton Osaka website.

By - Jess.