Source: @atetr0115

How to know if your Japanese chocolate bar is lucky

Morinaga's DARS is one of Japan's most popular chocolates. Available in milk, bitter and white chocolate flavors, the fan favorite chocolate is one of the country's oldest, so it's not often that unwrapping a bar will surprise anyone.

Japanese Twitter user Ai (@atetr0115) recently shared a story that has some chocolate fans requisitioning their familiarity with DARS, however. When they sat down to enjoy a bit of the chocolate bar with their coffee, they were greeted to a sight they hadn't seen before.

Source: @atetr0115

"I was just about to have some with my coffee and then there was katakana, what on earth is this..."

As you can see, each miniature block of the bar sports the name DARS in English lettering, but the top right bar has DARS written in the Japanese phonetic alphabet of katakana, ダース.

According to many who replied, even veteran DARS fans haven't come across the katakana version before. Many interpret it as a sign of good luck, and even say there are rarer blocks with the word "NICE" or even shooting star designs printed onto them.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.