What’s being billed as “The World's Most Beautiful Butterfly Encyclopedia” was published in Japan by Seibundo Shinkosha on March 8th.

This is a collection of amazing fieldwork taken by renowned Japanese photographer, Kazuo Unno.

The book covers the different kinds and intriguing aspects of butterflies in their natural habitat. The photos can vary from the close-up photos of beautiful and exotic patterns of the butterfly wings in the microscopic level taken by wide-angle lenses, to mysterious ecological photographs in a dynamic natural background.

There are approximately 20,000 different kinds of butterflies in the world. This book gathers the carefully selected 150 photographs taken by Unno, which serve as both beautiful pieces to admire and also appreciation on a scientific level.

The book is currently available to order in Japan directly from the publisher, as well as from other retailers like Amazon as well.

By - Mugi.