We've seen recently in Japan some creative ways--such as stylish honor-system unmanned food stations--to deal with the problem of food waste and loss, particularly with farmers struggling to find buyers for their larger harvests during the pandemic.

Kitchen Dive, a Tokyo bento shop, dealt with one incident of that issue very directly just las week. If you're not aware, Kitchen Dive is quite well known for its large portions!

So it's no surprise to hear that they've stocked up on a surplus of food. This time around it makes for quite the startling image, however. Hearing that local farmers they work with were unable to fine buyers for their large harvest of negi (green onions), Kitchen Dive took the problem off their hands buy buying 1,000 kilos, one ton, of the veggies! That's not all, instead of cooking with the onions, Kitchen Dive offered the onions (as much as would fit in a bag) for free to all their customers--with the 50 yen for a bag being the only fee.

As you can see, Kitchen Dive's gesture of kindness and support for the hard working farmers made it appear that their shop with overgrown by some malevolent onion alien takeover.

Source: @divemamuru

Source: @divemamuru

Source: @divemamuru

"Can you guys...hear us? Please...help...us...farmers...harvested so much green onions...that they...can't handle it. So we...at Kitchen DIVE...bought...a big haul...of 1,000 kilos...1 ton....this week...on Saturday...we will give...away...1,000 kilos...of free green onions. Please...come get...some...we are drowning...in green onions...save us..."

It appears many were so touched by the move (and the chance at free onions), that the free giveaway was so popular the staff admits to mixing things up and even giving away portions they intended to cook with!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.