Japan's sexy daikon radish meme is now a huggable waifu pillow

When Japanese online retailer Felissimo isn't coming out with eccentric animal-themed goods like scratch-n-sniff stickers that smell like cat and Shiba Inu tummies, their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of "humor" in Japanese) tends to focus on the cute and cuddly, as seen with the popular fruit tarts pet bed and this giant French Lop bunny cushion. Never lacking in creativity, now Felissimo is offering a up a large cuddly pillow version of one of Japan's popular Twitter trends--the sexy daikon radish.

If you're unfamiliar with a sexy daikon radish, it's a hashtag description used on harvested daikon that appear to be sexily crossing their "legs" or posing suggestively--as seen below:

If the sly "Come Hither" stare of the sexy daikon has ever made you wish you could snuggle up against a cute and cuddly daikon pillow, then you're in luck. Felissimo's "sexy, but not too sexy" sexy daikon pillow is ready to provide you with some comical cuddling poses.

The large version of the pillow is 115cm (45 inches) long, making it a formidable spooning partner.

Special attention went into replicating the popular Twitter trend, with "fresh" illustrations of daikon leaves, printing, and of course the classic cross-legged pose--even with a few straggling roots attached.

If a giant sexy daikon radish is a little bit too intimidating for you, don't worry, there's a mini version available at roughly have the size.

Both the large and the mini sizes are currently available for pre-order at Felissimo's Japanese online store, for 7,776 yen and 3,456 yen respectively, with delivery expected between April and June. It's also available at Felissimo's international store./p>

By - Big Neko.