Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel is now open!

The "Tokyo Disney Resort Toy Story Hotel," inspired by the Disney & Pixar movie series "Toy Story," opened its doors to the public today, April 5th, 2022. Sankei News was able to get access to the hotel at a press event on March 29th, and recorded a video tour of the premises! (see below)

Outisde, protagonist Woody, sidekick Buzz Lightyear and their pals are there to greet guests in the courtyard, called Toy Friends Square, and the plaza in front of the entrance called Slinky Dog Park!

The Toy Story Hotel is the fifth Disney hotel in Japan, with 11 floors above ground and one below, and 595 rooms.

From the moment you arrive at the hotel, you'll feel like you've shrunken down to the world of toys! Fans will recognize many elements from the films at every corner, from the front desk and lobby, gift shop and restaurant, to the elevator halls, furniture, decorations, and of course, the walls and even the floors and ceilings!


Inspired by Andy's room in the first Toy Story movie, the rooms are decorated with wallpaper featuring blue skies and white clouds, and there's a large Mickey Mouse clock hanging on the wall. Other details fans are sure to recognize are the red lamp and a giant Etch-a-Sketch which houses the TV!

Prices start at 28,500 yen for a standard room (capacity for four adults). For more information and make a reservation, view their website here.

Video tour

By - grape Japan editorial staff.