At first, this seems to mimic a scene from a fantasy movie... but it turns out that it actually exists.

Located in Wakayama (about 600 kilometers south of Tokyo), Toretore Village is a hotel complex situated by Shirahama beach.

Because of its sandy beach and beautiful ocean, it is a 'sister beach' of Waikiki in Hawaii. If you have this kind of beautiful beach as a backdrop, then I guess a hotel like Toretore Village makes sense.

Another interesting part about these dome-like units is that they are made out of foamed polystyrene. Apparently the reason for using foamed polystyrene is that it keeps the room insulated and is quite earthquake-proof.

In addition to the beautiful beach, there is also a famous Naniki Shirahama hot springs, where you can overlook the harbor as you dip into a lovely bath.

If you are visiting Japan, but you want to do something a little different, then how about putting this place on your wishlist?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.