The Grand Shrine of Kumano Hongu Taisha in Wakayama prefecture is one of the region's three famous shrines, and its Hongu Oyunohara torii gate is the largest torii gate in the world, standing at 33 meters tall and 42 meters wide. So it's safe to say the shrine doesn't need any extra help in the photography department.

It's hard to argue that mateur photographer Hiroaki Sekioka (@hirography_321) hasn't done just that with his latest amazing shot. Sekioka, who has a knack for starry nighttime shots, recently shared a perfectly-timed shot of what the photographer is calling a night sky miracle--and many seem to agree!

Source: @hirography_321

"A miracle occurred in the spring night sky."

Surrounded by a full bloom bed of beautiful cherry blossoms, Sekioka's shot reveals an open night sky that seems to open up into the beyond, punctuated by a shooting star racing over the top of the great torii gate.

Many on Twitter have been captivated by the photo, comparing it to everything from the beginning of an epic anime journey to a sign of good luck, and leaving touched replies:

"This is the birthplace of my mother, whom I have not been able to return to for a long time. Thank you for the wonderful photos."

"They made me exclaim out loud, it's so wonderful."

"It's amazing that it shot right in the middle of the picture. Cherry blossoms, the torii gate, shooting stars... so much charm packed into one photo!"

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.