In addition to being a self-professed "muscle junkie" (筋肉オタク kinniku otaku) and fitness buff, Japanese model Momo Momoto 桃兎もも (@tmmt_san) also happens to be really into manga, anime (and lately, the video game Genshin Impact).

She's also an amazing cosplayer, with her talents often featured in cosplay-related publications. In fact, she was just recently featured on the May issue of Cosplay Mode magazine.

As some of our readers may recall, she's particularly fond of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. In addition to showing off her muscular physique in her Jojo poses, she's also cosplayed characters like Trish Una in Vento Aureo...

...and Jolyne Cujoh in Stone Ocean.

Of course, her repertoire isn't limited to Jojo. Looking through her timeline, you'll find Maki Zenin and Nobara Kugisaki from Jujutsu Kaisen, Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan and many more. For example, here's Revy from Black Lagoon:

Momo Momoto is just as comfortable cosplaying male characters. For example, here she is cosplaying Childe from Genshin Impact:

In fact, she makes the point in a recent Tweet saying: "When they go all out, cosplayers can change genders without putting on a wig":

Although some of it has to do with costuming (or fashion in this case) and makeup, a large part of it relies on posing, a skill in which she excels.

Momo Momoto's cosplay posing tips

If you admire Momo Momoto's cosplay and wish you could pose as well as she does, you're in luck. She has created a series of very useful tips for cosplayers outlining the specific poses that can help them more convincingly portray male or female characters.

With her gracious permission, we've added English translations and shared them below:

Standard Posing

Reproduced with permission from a Tweet by Momo Momoto 桃兎もも (@tmmt_san)

Bringing your hand to your face

Reproduced with permission from a Tweet by Momo Momoto 桃兎もも (@tmmt_san)

If you'd like to see more of Momo Momoto's excellent tips, follow her on Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube Channel where she shows off her latest cosplay and provides excellent workout advice to get a toned body, which is something you can use whether you're a cosplayer or not.

By - Ben K.