Japanese retailer Felissimo definitely knows how to turn a popular menu item into an umbrella. It was just a couple of years ago that they turned fried shrimp into a clever compact parasol. Now their YOU+MORE series is turning to a retro fan favorite at Japanese cafes--cream soda--to create some colorful and refreshing umbrellas for rainy season.

Cream soda floats, often flavored and colored with syrup, were one of the go-to beverages of the cafes of Show Era Japan. Nostalgia for the period has revitalized the drink at modern shops, and their many colors have even helped them become a "craft" art.

Felissimo is now taking a trip back to the good ol' days to prepare for Japan's upcoming rainy season with a set of stylish umbrellas modeled after three cream soda floats. The plastic umbrellas are actually transparent but pack enough color and detail to make it seem like you're shielding yourself from rain or sunshine with a delicious cream soda float.

The umbrellas, which come in "Melon Cream Soda," "Blue Cream Soda," and "Pink Cream Soda" varieties, each recreate the fizz and ice of the drink, as well as a matching garnish that works as a strap.

Blue Cream Soda

Melon Cream Soda

Pink Cream Soda

The umbrellas can be ordered from both Felissimo's international order website as well as their Japanese store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.