Black Thunder are one of Japan's favorite bite-sized chocolate cookie bars. Often sold near the counter of a convenience store, the affordable (less than 100 yen) crunchy sweet has not only been released in many different flavors (granola, white chocolate, berry), but also turned into cheese tarts and even a McFlurry from McDonald's.

Despite it's beloved status and large variety of flavors, that doesn't make it impervious to Japan's love of corn potage--a popular corn soup or porridge in Japan. In the past, there's even been corn soup flavored Gari Gari Kun, a popular Japanese popsicle. You can now add Black Thunder to the list of corn soup flavored items, with the new Corn Potage Thunder.

Maker Yuraku Confectionery says the new corn soup flavored chocolate cookie bar is a mix of sweet and and savory, and that the corn soup taste goes well with the crispy and crunchy texture. Those willing to challenge the flavor of a hot bowl of soup packaged into a chocolate bar can do so starting September 21st in Japan.

By - Big Neko.