The Shoebill Stork is quite the fascinating bird, often referred to as a living dinosaur due to its appearance. At zoos they also captivate visitors with some very interesting interactions.

But as interesting as these birds are, you'd definitely be pretty startled to find one standing in your hallway.

Japanese artist Kotaro Sekiguchi (@sekiguti35) showed just how scary that sight might be, recently. Sekiguchi crafts "newspaper and tape art", crafting stunning pieces made from newspaper and tape. His latest work is being praised for its incredible realism--which also makes it just a bit terrifying!

Source: @sekiguti35

"A Shoebill Stork."

Winner of the "Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art" in 2012, you can see just how detailed Sekiguchi's craft is in this lifelike shoebill sculpture. It looks as if it's wandered straight into your home and might make a move at any second. Many who saw the create on Twitter were floored, leaving comments like "it looks just like the real thing" and "I can feel it breathing."

For more amazing cardboard and duct tape creations (like the incredible piece below), be sure to follow Sekiguchi on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.