It's easy to see why Boku, shima enaga (Twitter, Instagram) is such a popular social media follow in Japan. Boku, shima enaga is essentially the go-to fan page for the shima enaga, the long-tailed tit, which is often praised as "the cutest bird in Japan" and called a "snow fairy." The fluffy white bird is often pictured nestling on snowy branches in Hokkaido, and often comes up online in joking "what type of Pokémon is this?" meme images.

If you haven't seen one before, you'll quickly understand the fondness so many have for the bird by looking at one:

Boku, shima enaga doesn't just post daily pictures of the adorable bird, however. They've recently taken up the creative hobby of making Japanese food that look just like the long-tailed tit, including sushi, curry, and rice balls. The bird and food combinations have been such a hit they were even turned into official capsule toys.

Their latest entry in that series is a birdy breakfast that will definitely have sweets fans conflicted about eating it because it's just too cute: a long-tailed tit pancake!

Boku, shima enaga has prepared a breakfast plate highlighted by pancakes shaped perfectly like the round snow fairy, and cleverly used chocolate to fill out arms and facial details. If you look closely, even the side salad has cheese made to look like miniature long-tailed tits!

The long-tailed tit meal has many on Twitter once again swooning, as well as claiming it would be just too cute to dig into, no matter how delicious it looks.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.