It's not exactly a shared fashion statement goal to make it look as if you have tentacles pouring out of your ears, but for Diorama (@rayure_v), her choice of ear accessories has just that desired effect.

Diorama recently caused a stir on Twitter when she shared her newly acquired earplugs, which make quite the impact as you can see. Garnering over 220,000 likes, with a mix of jealousy, disgust, and awe in the comments, she shared photos of the earplugs that make it look like an octopus has taken over her body:

Source: @rayure_v

Source: @rayure_v

"I got some octopus earplugs. I've absolutely wanted to have octopus tentacles coming out of my ears so I'm very happy. With this, anyone looking at me will definitely know that my true form is that my brain is an octopus."

We have to say Diorama definitely found earplugs that do just that! The glossy tentacle looks fresh out of water, has a lifelike curl to it, and even detailed suckers. It's definitely a super stylish way to keep the sound out, that is if you aren't drawing the super talkative crowd we imagine these would!

The awesome and slithery octopus earplugs are actually made by glass artist Genki Hirano (@hirano_genki).

The earplugs were featured along with some other very creative work by Hirano at the "Iso Market Fest" in Tokyo. You can see more of Hirano's works on Twitter and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.